The WHO (World Health Organization) tells us that when we rinse our hands with water for 15 seconds, we can remove 70% of the bacteria. Therefore, water and Sanitation Hygiene or WASH is an essential part of supporting abundant and healthy communities, especially in this precarious time of Covid.

We also created a comic book handbook/curriculum that educates kids and families on sanitation and hygiene practices that teaches the basics to keep them healthy and in school. Students are taught this curriculum to understand better how bacteria spreads, how to keep themselves clean, and how to identify clean water sources.

As the pandemic took hold of the world, we knew we had to take immediate action. People needed education. Soap is a luxury when you can’t afford food and water. The most vulnerable needed sanitation supplies and easy access to food. Our corporate partner supported us and, along with our constituents, enabled us to supply 24,000 bars of soap. A teammate drew and wrote a “KEEP SAFE FROM COVID” manual. It is illustrated like a comic book so that everyone can understand it. Our staff is still out there with masks, soap, manuals, and food, distributing to those in need in their villages

Today, we are growing Soap Nut trees to sustainably replace the need to purchase soap.