Our precious planet sustains life precisely because it has water, after all. However, it can be hard to celebrate when our screens are filled with fire and famine, plague and war. When you look at the big picture, it’s easy to be overwhelmed – to feel it’s all too much and there’s not enough.

Helplessness traps us in the present. Hopelessness disconnects us from tomorrow. But if there’s one thing nature can teach us, everything is connected. Our planet seeks balance. Knock one element out of kilter, and there’s a domino effect of devastation and disaster.

As small as a raindrop

But the good news is that the opposite is also true. When you collaborate with nature in her pursuit of equilibrium, the rewards are exquisitely abundant – and it can start with something as small as a raindrop.

So many of the women we work with were trapped in hopeless circumstances when we met them. You wouldn’t know it to look at them today – they are testament to the fact that water changes everything. Like a seed waiting for rain, their potential was always there – coiled, waiting, ready to spring into being if only the conditions were created.

And once that happens, the effects are remarkable.

From hunger to plentiful nourishment, illness to flourishing health, walking for water to walking to school, mothers who are breadwinners, businesswomen, change makers in their communities… Water allows them to manifest abundance in every realm. 

When the newsfeed gets overwhelming, it helps to narrow your focus to a single drop of rain. When you do, you’ll see the whole world reflected. If we’re able to look at our resources from the standpoint of sufficiency instead of scarcity, we can make all the difference.

The solution is falling freely from the sky.

It is nature’s invitation to partner in possibility. If we create the conditions, Mother Earth can flourish and manifest abundance. We can plant the seed, and we can make it rain.

This is why Save the Rain plants trees. Reforestation regulates rainfall. We chose moringa for its nutritious seeds and leaves and soap nut for cleaning. Every single sapling represents food, medicine, soil, soap, shade, rivers, oxygen, rain… and takes $1.50 to plant. Small change.

Something so small can change everything.

A single drop, as it falls into a body of water, creates a ripple. Something so small can change everything. And that’s what gives us hope. We see the evidence every dayJoseph was the first recipient of a rainwater harvesting tank; he’s now the director of Save the Rain. His youngest daughter has never had to walk for water – and she has set her sights on becoming president of Tanzania.

With every life we touch, the effects reach further than we could ever conceive – rippling outward across communities and generations in ever-expanding circles. The difference between despair and possibility is a single drop of rain. Believe it when we say you are enough to make that difference.


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