Water has quicksilver energy. It trickles, pours, or roars, changing form and changing worlds. Our teams embody this energy: the babble of women’s laughter, sweat rolling down a laboring limb, a cup running over, and rain sweeping in. Earth, on the other hand, is still – it is our foundation: the ground beneath our feet. It is quiet, rooted, steady.

This is what it feels like to set foot on our farm. It is an 8.5-acre oasis just off the road to Arusha National Park, managed by a collective of nine women who grow food, trees and medicine for our team and the communities we serve.

Women watering crops at a farm in Tanzania

When we enter a community to build rainwater harvesting systems, we bring our own food to fuel the work. We leave behind saplings, greenhouses filled with seedlings, and minds filled with verdant possibility. Our farm is a stronghold for all we stand for, a base from which we can ripple out goodness.

Neat rows of vegetables and food crops thrive, shaded by indigenous medicinal trees. The greenhouse is like an ancient temple that plants have claimed for their own — a quiet, sacred dome of light that holds the seeds of future flourishing. Moss has begun to grow on its opaque walls, blending into the green beyond and making it seem boundless.

The greenhouses we gift to communities are fractals of the farm. Like the seeds we send to fill them, they take root, nourish, and bring about health and well-being. Around each one, an ecosystem of abundance comes to life.

The women reap bountiful harvests year-round, taking food home to their families and teaching neighbors the art of organic farming. Their energy and love nurture the earth, and all are nourished in turn. There is no richer reward than watching them garner the fruits of their commitment to nature.

This Earth Day, celebrate with us as we continue to plant seeds of hope and harvest wellness, ensuring a greener tomorrow for the communities we cherish. Join us in sowing the future, one drop, one seed at a time.

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