Today is Earth Day. We want to celebrate by sharing our knowledge for creating sustainable and affordable rainwater tanks that impact multiple generations.

The thing about the Global Water Crisis is that it is global. Wherever we may be, and whatever our differences, water is the great leveler. There is no shortage of people trying to help – but over half of these well-intended projects fail in the long term. Most rely on components that recipients can’t afford to maintain. 

We’ve found a way that works and want to share it with the world. We’ve produced a video showing each step that goes into making our rainwater harvesting tanks. Though it’s essentially a technical construction manual, what is actually being built is multifarious: a better future, dignity, empowerment, education, and abundance. Because water touches everything, water changes everything. 


The Tanks

Our domestic-use tanks are 3,500-liter rain catchment systems that can sustain a household of eight until the next rainy season. They’re constructed entirely from local materials and do not require electricity, pumping, or filtration. And they’re built to last. With a lifespan of 200 years, they’re made for multi-generational impact. 

That’s just the tank. Now for the real magic. Meet the Women’s Water Initiative, a group of women who once qualified as recipients of tanks and now work for Save the Rain to build tanks for other women. 

The Construction

It takes a team of three women one week to construct a system. They break ground, dig, move rocks, mix cement, and break a sweat without the help of power tools. A metal framework acts as the mold for the tank. It’s there for support until the structure can hold its own – and then it is dismantled, removed, and moved on to provide the same for the next person in need. 

As they work – climbing inside the tank to smooth the plaster, tending to the cement to ensure it cures, mixing, measuring – it all goes like clockwork. Their moves are synchronous and synergistic. Each step flows to the next. It’s beautiful to behold.  

By day five, they’re onto finishing touches. Their diligence is remarkable. There are no corners cut or sloppy shortcuts. Each knows first-hand the profundity of the difference this tank will make to the family she is building it for, and their unwavering focus is almost reverent. 

The final day is dedicated to maintenance and education.  This solution is sustainable and affordable, only costing $500. They are built to last several lifetimes, eliminating the need for daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters to ever have to walk for water.  

Follow our training video and guide to build your own rainwater harvesting system today.


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