Because this year has been such an adjustment, we wanted to reach out and say thank you. For it was in those moments when we needed to remember the good in the world, we needed to look no further than you.

Rising Together.

This year has been so personal and filled with honest and vulnerable exchanges with donors, in-country teammates, and recipients. Our generous family continues to give in a time when need is abundantly apparent everywhere. It could not have been more evident than in Giving Tuesday. We’ve held hands across the country and the world, refusing to give up or give in, knowing we can only rise together.

And we have.

New projects have answered new calls of need. We produced training videos on How to Build Rainwater Collection Systems to teach people in other countries. We launched a new team of builders in Nigeria to harvest the rain for their community. We designed and manufactured residential greenhouses to prevent famine due to inflated food costs. We launched a new data collection system to understand the challenges and successes in a new way. We designed comic books for COVID-19 education to keep the illiterate informed. We created a storytelling initiative to share our recipients’ stories and bridge the pandemic gap. We launched our new website. We trained 269 new female builders and harvested rain in six new villages — giving more than 30,000 people sustainable access to clean water and food security. And, of course, we saved the rain.

For our Sweet 16th Birthday, we feel so blessed to have this new lens to look through. Together, we are laying a new path to a better tomorrow – brick by brick, drop by drop.

We could do all of that because we have such incredible partnerships with grantors, Rotarians, corporate sponsors, and donors like you.

With immense gratitude,
The Save the Rain Team