This year, we helped 37,000 people celebrate the rain and its ability to create an incredibly abundant life. In 10 new villages, 374 rainwater tanks, both large and small, were built and are now full of clean water. Alongside of them, food gardens are blooming. There is clean water to drink and green veggies to eat.


Our Tanzania team grew to 147 people strong. We took down mountain size challenges and turned them into opportunities for new growth. We even took a desert and turned it into flourishing green gardens.


4500 primary school students no longer need to walk for water for their school’s sanitation and drinking water needs. Most of them are bringing clean water home every day from the school to their families. 9000 tiny hands now know how to stay clean and therefore keep themselves and others healthy. We planted 3000 trees and taught many about the value of trees and their role in the regulating the rain. Because of you, just over 1000 kids received desperately needed medical care. Hearts and minds are full, reigning out new possibilities. We could have never done without you.


A very Happy Birthday to you, Save the Rain family! You created an amazing year.