More than 200 large-scale rainwater harvesting tanks in four countries collect millions of liters of water every year. The tanks provide clean and safe drinking water to families and schools in over 80 villages.


Remember Faraja, Anna, and Debora from our story, Water to Wheelchairs to Dreams? The girls have started school in Dar es Salaam and are loving it. Cleo, our Health and Evaluation Manager, traveled with the girls to southern Tanzania and spent the first week with them to ensure they were comfortable at their new boarding school. They are the school’s first students living with disabilities. The girls are making waves and charting new paths for many students around Tanzania.


Students at Chemchem Primary School having their first school meal of ugali and lentils after 2 months of no food at school.

Education is free in Tanzania, but schoolbooks, uniforms and food are not. Each student is required annually to contribute dried corn, dried beans, money for oil, maize milling and the cook’s salary. Many parents are farmers and contribute from their harvest. This year though, there’s been a drought. The crops have failed, meaning no harvest to contribute. There was no food to serve. The District Education Officer gave us a list of 40 other schools under his jurisdiction that are in the same predicament. Through our food distribution programSave the Rain distributed 66,000 pounds of food this year and fed 7,200 students.


Mary Samwel used to walk six hours for water every day. Her rainwater tank changed everything. Now, her kids are in school. She has time for her business and her veggie garden is abundant. Mary is a member of the Upendo Group. It’s a group of love, she explains. It’s 100 members strong and one of three lending cooperatives in Lositeti. Clean, safe water has freed up funds that they’ve pooled to lend a lump sum to one member at a time, giving her the means to manifest dreams. Mary has used her loans to build onto their home. Next, she plans to buy her husband a motorbike to upscale his business.


A large-scale greenhouse at Lositeti Primary School.

Save the Rain just received a grant to build 8 large-scale greenhouses. This grant means more sustainable and accessible agriculture. More rows of vegetables to eat, nourish and sell. And more jobs for women. These new greenhouses will be able to feed more than 8,000 students every day.

There is so much to love at Save the Rain, thanks to our generous supporters.

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